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On dealing with Pakistan, India improvises and experiments

New Delhi, Nov.20 (ANI): While political turbulence again grips Pakistan, in India, the game appears to be to not wait and watch, but deal with whoever is willing to talk to New Delhi.

A government official said that it has been seen in the past that despite internal chaos on the domestic front, Pakistan's intelligence has not hesitated in throwing all it could at India, whether by sponsoring terror groups indirectly or, in fomenting trouble in Jammu and Kashmir.

However, there are also elements in Pakistan that want to talk peace and move towards a resolution of outstanding issues.

India has learned that to do business with Pakistan one has to improvise, modify and keep talking to changing interlocutors, said the official.

This calls for a high degree of dexterity, as the political situation in Pakistan has been volatile since 2007.

Assassinations, threats of coups, changing equations between the ISI and the Army and a gamut of political players have made it impossible for India to keep to one strategy or one channel of communication with its hostile neighbor.

The official said that the only time that there was a single window disposal of issues was when President Musharraf was in charge for a brief period of time.

The official added that the recent events surrounding 'Memo-gate', the rise of Imran Khan, the flux in the PML-Q and Nawaz groups are indicative of the weakening political scenario in Pakistan and the games that the army was playing in keeping its supremacy intact.

When asked if the government still believed that the Pakistan Army was on board on the peace process with India, the official said that those were the words used by Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani. (ANI)

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