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Suicide bomber held on eve of PM's arrival

Kabul(Afghanistan), August 28
Just 24 hours before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was to land in Kabul, the Afghan authorities apprehended a suicidal bomber in a place called Zabul in Shahisawa District, not too far away from Kabul.

According to Afghan sources, the suicide bomber whose name is Abdul Halim is from Karachi District in Pakistan. He had arrived in Zabul 20 days ago and his task was to create mayhem during Dr Manmohan Singh's visit to Afghanistan.

Interrogation of Abdul Halim by the Afghan authorities revealed that he had been indoctrinated by Maulana Fazlur Rahman of the Jamiat Ullema Islam (JUI), who had told him that it was the duty of every Muslim to wage a holy war (Jihad) in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

After his indoctrination, Abdul Halim crossed over into Afghanistan and located himself at Zabul. He then started a process of getting his bomb together, and when that was done, he started to proceed to Kabul, just 24 hours ago. However, local sources tipped off the Afghan security and Abdul Halim was caught before he could set foot inside Kabul. —ANI

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