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India to appoint a cyber security controller in National Security Council

Tehran, Aug.28 (ANI): Waking up to the new threat of cyber jehad, India has decided to appoint a cyber security controller in the National Security Council.

Official sources confirmed that the recent incident of morphed images being uploaded on a mass scale to create panic in parts of India; has got the Indian Government in a situation where it has to learn on the job.

“Some of those images were photographs of Tsunami victims, they were morphed and uploaded” to mislead people, said a government official speaking on background.

He added, “We gauge that about 26-28 percent of those uploaded images were from Pakistan, but we don’t know for certain how it spread and how we can block those sites. There are no sovereign cyber laws. We do what we can by blocking sites that cross the line. Usually service providers cooperate because most people have the same security standards and protocols. “

The cyber security controller at the NSC will be tasked with fine tuning filters and fire walls that need to be put into place to see that bulk text messages and websites that spread hate and violence are not allowed to spread in the country as it did earlier this month leading to the exodus of thousands of people of North East origin to their native homes.

The official said that a system would have to be put into place to involve the public so that they could inform and engage with government security agencies if they come across such websites intending to cause communal disturbances in the country.

He said that right now these were “anarchic spaces” and out of control of control of any security agency anywhere in the world.

When asked whether there was one large conspiracy in the uploading of the images and the sending out of the text messages, the official said that it was unlikely.

He said that the CBI was looking into the conspiracy theory but his own reading was that it was probably a whole host of “emotionally excited people with lots of grievances” saw in this an opportunity to work on their agendas.

When asked whether India would take up this matter with Pakistan when Dr Manmohan Singh meets with President Zardari on the sidelines of the XVIth NAM Summit, the official ruled it out.

He said it would achieve no purpose as Pakistan’s reaction would be to say that they were not in control of who uploads what on the internet in their country.

This anyway was not a matter for Prime Ministers to discus said the official, explaining that there were other forums like Home Secretary level  and Interior Minister level discussions between India and Pakistan where such matters could be and would be brought up.

The official also indicated that Pakistan well understood that India was not back footing on the 26/11 investigations or reducing its level of engagement as far as giving proof on official Pakistani involvement in the crime is concerned.

He said “what happened in Mumbai was not unofficial, but official hierarchy. We will follow it (pressure on investigation and bringing the perpetrators to justice) up at all levels. They (Pakistan) can say what they want about the proof being insufficient, but the fact is that with the same evidences, we could get convictions in court. Whereas all they do is keep changing judges and delay things.  The people involved with 26/11 are hoping that India forgets about the incident or reduces the interest level. That is not going to happen.“

By Smita Prakash (ANI)

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