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New security challenges in the country, says official

Tehran, Aug 28 (ANI):  The last few years in India have been relatively free of communal tensions as we have known it in the past, but new challenges are rising which need new methods to meet and deal with it, said an Indian official speaking on the sidelines of the 16th NAM summit in Tehran.

He said that what happened in Mumbai and Assam were a combination of various factors which included ethnicity, identity politics and regional issues.

The riots and the reactions were not typical of how communal riots have taken place in the past in our country, he said.

The official admitted that while the law enforcement agencies could curb the violence, they were caught unawares of how quickly, and how complex, the spread of disinformation had gotten.

He said that those who used the internet to disseminate disinformation to cause panic and rioting were well versed in the new tools (internet and bulk texting) which were available to them easily.

As part of the mechanism to deal with this new menace is the setting up of a cyber security controller in the National Security Council.

The official indicated that there did not seem to be any single conspiracy behind the Mumbai and Assam incidents, instead many concentric circles of grievances that erupted all together.

Indicating that while law enforcement agencies could quell the riots and work to take down some of the sites that uploaded the hate images to cause panic; he said they still had to work out mechanisms to involve the public in a more immediate manner to deal with evolving situations.

By Smita Prakash (ANI)

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