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Somebody make Gowda PM


Bangalore, November 16, 2007 (ANI)
What is Deve Gowda up to? Why is he silent? These are two questions plaguing all of Karnataka and all those associated with Karnataka in New Delhi. More so in the BJP offices at Ashoka Road. Somebody make him Prime Minister and move him to Race Course Road. He could cause lesser tumult than he does in Bangalore. The Silicon City then will have more billionaires than the measly four that Forbes listed out yesterday. Why even moffusil Pune has beaten the outsourcing Mecca of the world.... it has five billionaires.
Karnataka deserves better. Poor Yedyurappa looks over his shoulder more times than even General Musharraf these days. And Yedyurappa doesn't have the Taliban after him. He only has the Gowda family. Did I say "only"? This family beats the Bush's...they simply don't go away. And they are, like the Bush family, simple people. Very simple. Remember Deve Gowda's famous boast of being "mannina maga" which translated means "son of the soil" and very loosely translated means "one who reduces all to soil" !

Arun Nehru in his column says one needs an astrologer to predict what Deve Gowda will do next. Indeed, even the stars are confused. So deep are the man's secrets. Quite naturally the BJP is in the dark like Gowda's own family. The day the BJP government was to be sworn in I congratulated an old party hand, which was taken aback and replied, "What are you congratulating me about? About Yediyurappa"? There is little the BJP can hope for if they can't even get the name of their only south Indian Chief Minister right. How do they hope to even match wits with the Machiavellian Kannadiga who has been told by astrologers that he will return to 7RCR one day.

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